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About Me

Me on vacation in New York I'm Mike Andersen, a self-taught coder who is currently looking for full time work. Programming applications for the web is my career and I love it. I prefer to work in a L.A.M.P. environment, but I've worked with a variety of technologies in the past and learn quickly on the job. I'm competent, conscientious, motivated, articulate and business savvy, an independent problem solver who also plays well with others.

I built this site to demonstrate that my skill set and that my interest in my work isn't casual, it's passionate. I've had many jobs in my life. Web programming is the only one I ever wanted to do after-hours on my own time. Building web sites is always problematic, and I think solving problems is fun. Throughout the tech industry's ups and downs I've always believed that the internet was more than a fad or a craze. So far it looks like I'm right.

Original Gravitycar Site - circa 1999 If you're wondering about my background, I'm not a computer science graduate. I majored in English lit in college. I started teaching myself HTML beginning in '97, after a friend recommended a career change for me. "You should look into this web thing, Mike," my friend said to me. "I hear it's gonna be big." Best. Advice. Ever. I went to night school for a couple of years, and picked up fundamental skills for ASP, Perl and JavaScript. I worked on little coding projects on the weekends. In the spring of '99 I quit my day job and did some sites for friends and family. I took my first full-time position at Tam Communications of San Jose in late '99. Despite a roller-coaster economy I've never looked back.