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I'm Mike Andersen, a self-taught programmer specializing in PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I'm currently looking for full time work doing what I love: web programming.

This site is a collection of apps built with my custom software that I find useful and/or entertaining.

You need help, that's why you're considering hiring more PHP programmers. I can help your company meet its deadlines and exceed its customers expectations. I've done exactly that in every company I've worked for. Check out my resume and see what I mean.
Hello, any visiting fellow members of Tamooks! Welcome to gravitycar 3.0. I'm still working on getting you all into my user database, so we can reschedule for "Tropic of Cancer". Should be soon I'll let you know as soon as the new chart is up :)

I (click for more ...)

Call me or email me to find out how I can help your company build awesome web sites!
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Sight Skin
Sight Skin